Teaching English Through Drama to Spanish kids



After eleven years of teaching English (eight in England, three in Spain), I am convinced that one cannot ignore drama as an effective teaching tool. Young learners and adults stand to benefit considerably when they dare to use English boldly beyond classroom walls.

For a teacher, this can be both a nerve wracking as well as an enjoyable experience. Nerve wracking because of the limited time (it’s never enough; this summer all we had was an hour -and -a -half for four consecutive days) and because you never know what to expect: Perhaps the students will be uninterested  in the script (fortunately, I now have a wide repertoire of short, original plays), or not focused enough (it has happened in the past) or talented enough to shoulder the play (it has rarely happened!).

Give young learners a theatre space to explore, tease them with a creative challenge–whether it be the chance to sculpture oneself and others into the shape of a dragon or a clock or a snake, or the opportunity to step into the shoes of a romantic Middle Ages hero…which is exactly what the six participants of this workshop did! For four days they strutted about like swashbuckling, chivalrous musketeers waving imaginary swords, dancing to a knightly tune….and be prepared for magic!

Sit back, and relax to “We’re Going On A Bear Hunt!


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