Key Yoga Asanas


Vashistasana, named after the great Indian sage, is one of my favourite confidence building intermediate poses. This pose requires strong core muscles, good flexibility and firm concentration. The hamstrings need to be warmed up adequately before performing this asana. This asana helps strengthen the arms, legs, belly and the wrists, stretches the back of the legs and improves the sense of balance.
The beauty of this pose is that besides being aesthetically attractive, it can be attempted at all levels. Beginners do not need to lift the top leg but can simply raise one hand perpendicular to the ground. After a few months, as you gain confidence, you can attempt more difficult variations.
Vashistasana means best or excellent, and looks intimidating- but isn’t. Prepare yourself mentally, relax, focus and breathe! Even a relative beginner can master this pose.


                                                                           Upavishta Konasana A
This is a pose that can be attempted at different levels, with multiple benefits. Beginners, open the legs at ninety degrees or less, and then bend forward, maintaining a comfortable stretch where you can breathe easily. Your fingers should comfortably reach your toes. Make sure you keep your toes pointing upward.
Advanced practitioners may keep the legs further apart and bend forward, stretching the torso towards the floor, keeping the vertebral column straight. Breathe easily and comfortably in the final position.
This asana has numerous important benefits, such as:-
1. This asana gives the insides and the back of the legs a good stretch.
2. The abdominal organs are toned and stimulated.
3. The spine becomes strong.
4. The groin is released. The adductor muscles of the groin also get stretched.
5. This asana relaxes your body and calms your brain.
5. It helps to relieve sciatica and arthritis.
6. It also detoxifies the kidneys.
7. Your hamstrings are stretched.
8. Your core muscles are activated.dsc_0353