EFL playscripts

Drama For EFL play scripts

1.The scripts are free to use in a classroom, audition, competition, or workshop.
2. All mentions of the script should include the author (Harvey D’Souza) and the source ‘Englishwithharvey.com’
3. If the play is recorded as a video and posted on the internet in any way, please begin the online description of the video with “From an EnglishwithHarvey.com free stage play script.”
4. Please do not repost, redistribute or republish the text of the script in any way online or in print
5. Please share my page on your blog or Facebook/Twitter account.

Thank you for selecting my script. Please let me know how it goes.

Harvey D’Souza

Original ten minute scripts
Silkie, The Seal Wife
The Trap
The Shop
One for all, all for one
Star wars
The Big Bad Wolf
The Farmer and his Cow

Adapted scripts
Where is Mister Potato ?
The North Wind And The Sun
The Ugly Duckling
The Three Little Pigs
The North Wind And The Sun
Red Riding Hood
The Mysterious Badger

Nativity scripts
The Superhero
Trap Santa!


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