Classes for 2021 !!!


  1. English classes resume from October 2019. There are a few seats available.  If you are a past student, please confirm your booking and timings as soon as possible.
  2. This language school encourages its pupils to read. English is a language to be savored and one of the best ways to do so, is to read, read, read! Every year we invest heavily in our students. We now have new book collections for children and adults. We have simplified classics for easy reading and also original unabridged novels for those who want a taste of the real stuff. Take a look at our library section.
  3. Another way to improve language skills is through the use of theatre. We will begin rehearsals for a musical theatre play within a few weeks. All students are welcome, especially shy students. Drama brings out the hidden potential in students and allows for creative expression. Try it!
  4. The students who did the Cambridge exams last year passed with flying colours! Students are encouraged to attempt the Cambridge exams. We actively prepare students for this exam.

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