Watch ‘The Biggest & Hungriest Monster!’

On 12 December, using lights, sound and the goodwill of a good many people, the students of the English With Harvey Language School staged a short play using music and movement. I am particularly proud of the young students, who have grown in confidence, responsibility and showcased their talents admirably onstage.

Over the last two years, my students have been staging short plays. We started with popular fairy tales such as Three Little Pigs, The Ugly Duckling,  adapted stories and poems that had dramatic appeal such as How To Trick A Tiger, We’re Going On a Bear Hunt, and finally have ventured into original scripts such as Star Wars, All For One, One for All, and the Big Bad Wolf.  For a peek into more of our productions, please visit the Videos page.

“The Biggest & Hungriest Monster Of ’em All!” is another big leap for us, with the use of light, sound and live music.


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