Classes for 2021 !!!

English classes resume from October 2019. There are a few seats available.  If you are a past student, please confirm your booking and timings as soon as possible. This language school encourages its pupils to read. English is a language to be savored and one of the best ways to do so, is to read, … More Classes for 2021 !!!


Watch ‘The Biggest & Hungriest Monster!’

On 12 December, using lights, sound and the goodwill of a good many people, the students of the English With Harvey Language School staged a short play using music and movement. I am particularly proud of the young students, who have grown in confidence, responsibility and showcased their talents admirably onstage. Over the last two … More Watch ‘The Biggest & Hungriest Monster!’

Teaching English Through Drama to Spanish kids

ONE FOR ALL, ALL FOR ONE!   After eleven years of teaching English (eight in England, three in Spain), I am convinced that one cannot ignore drama as an effective teaching tool. Young learners and adults stand to benefit considerably when they dare to use English boldly beyond classroom walls. For a teacher, this can … More Teaching English Through Drama to Spanish kids

The importance of Listening for Spanish students

Man’s inability to communicate is a result of his failure to listen effectively.   Carl Rogers Would you like to improve your speaking skills? First, give special attention to developing your listening skills, especially as listening is so ubiquitous in the language acquisition process. Easier said than done; listening can be quite a complex activity. … More The importance of Listening for Spanish students

Why Read?

Reading has priceless benefits: it develops your verbal abilities, improves your focus and concentration, develops your imagination, makes you smarter, reduces stress, improves your memory, helps you discover and create yourself, AND is entertaining. We encourage our students to read as much as possible, and have invested in a modest library. There are books, comics … More Why Read?