Pronunciation errors by Spanish speakers

imagesHere is a list of words that Spanish students find difficult to pronounce. The words have been broadly grouped into various levels; however, do not be surprised to find tricky words in any group!
This page is being updated so please check this space again within a few days!
Click here to listen to the correct pronunciation..

Young learners ( 6 – 8 years)

who made fell nuts I bag he get said up bus but cake called my key fish pushed bike dragon danger bush by upset it quick jumped cat big rug me down eggs jam jungle wanted bucket shop jug alien eat opened coat job they chair dish like road orange rich such garden milk fruit stopped

Young learners ( 9- 13 years)

jaw pulled shouted kept treasure should sky huge just arrived looked idea sharp barked creature played leader tough lion kind child adventure castle cute over reached even own whole general special bridge I’d receive large mountain hungry machines magic used guards junk soldiers ankle evil knight knee anger captured galaxy rough through desks CDs knife chemist what’s night bright

Adults (Beginners)

eraser ceiling fifty thirty Tuesday Thursday library nature garage these dining cupboard touch their ankle relaxed huge nurse early child builder whole vegetables vinegar lettuce steak salmon fruit adventure balcony patient magazines August mobile hospital important fifteen stomach Wednesday

Adults (Intermediates)

favourite half parents difficult manager chaos brochure caused vacancy private machines excursions target legally strategy since advertisement museum exhibition violent doubt biology engineer pleasure chocolate region ancient title daughter objective punctual journalist cousin

Adults (Advanced)

immediately advertisement chemical collaborate government ingredients literature occasionally frequently preferably biodegradable appalling sequel tranquil paradoxical risks deception unfortunately


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