Why Read?

Reading has priceless benefits: it develops your verbal abilities, improves your focus and concentration, develops your imagination, makes you smarter, reduces stress, improves your memory, helps you discover and create yourself, AND is entertaining. We encourage our students to read as much as possible, and have invested in a modest library. There are books, comics … More Why Read?

Summer plays

This summer proved immensely exciting. I worked with an enthusiastic bunch of kids for five days, and we came up with two plays, Where Is Mister Potato? and The Ugly Duckling

Secret pleasures

English teachers have simple, secret pleasures in the classroom. There is elegance in an idiom phrased naturally. There is music in a grammatical structure executed to the T. There is power in an articulate expression. There is relief in a question elicited confidently. And when there is humour, teaching is indeed a good career.