EFL drama tips for young learners

Star Wars Here are a few drama tips that come to mind when planning a theatre production with your students, aged 6 upwards:-
1. Choose a popular fairy tale when working with young learners. You will find that they have “favourites”. Humour them.
2. Always explore the vocabulary at the beginning. This will save a lot of time in the long run.
3. Be strict about diction and pronunciation. Bad pronunciation is very difficult to correct, you mustn’t ignore it.
4. Use music, they will love it. It sets the mood, helps them come in on cue, and uplifts the production.
5. Give them responsibility over their costumes; they won’t disappoint you. If you print face masks, ask them to colour the masks and paste them onto cardboard. Delegate tasks–get each actor to bring their own props.
6. If you don’t already have your own costume collection, start now, even if it is with simple face masks. My sons loved roleplays–and still do! I am fortunate to be able to “recycle” the costumes that were used by my sons. Hence, I can dig into my costume box if I need Spiderman, Batman, Darth Vader, Yoda, Buzz Lightyear, Big Bad Wolf and loads of others!
7. Ensure the script has simple language. Keep the length of the play short. A five minute script will suffice, for a start.
8. Adapt your play to the size of your class. Six blind men can easily become ” Five blind men” if you don’t have enough students. If you have a large class use more than one narrator– this will probably work better than one!


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