The importance of Listening for Spanish students

Man’s inability to communicate is a result of his failure to listen effectively.   Carl Rogers Would you like to improve your speaking skills? First, give special attention to developing your listening skills, especially as listening is so ubiquitous in the language acquisition process. Easier said than done; listening can be quite a complex activity. … More The importance of Listening for Spanish students

Clases Verano 2016

Reserva ahora tu plaza en una de las siguientes opciones 1. Clases de conversación para todos los niveles y edades. 2. Inglés para los más jóvenes. Aprende inglés a través de actividades y juegos. 3. Teatro en inglés. El teatro es una herramienta muy útil para enseñar inglés. Apúntate para tener la experiencia del inglés … More Clases Verano 2016

English classes

Group classes:   Beginning on the 1st of October at 6, Calle Cardenal de Iguanzo, near the Plaza De San Roque.  Open to all ages, in small  groups. Afternoons for young students, evenings for adults (Advanced, Intermediate and Beginner.)                                           … More English classes

Secret pleasures

English teachers have simple, secret pleasures in the classroom. There is elegance in an idiom phrased naturally. There is music in a grammatical structure executed to the T. There is power in an articulate expression. There is relief in a question elicited confidently. And when there is humour, teaching is indeed a good career.