Mistakes made by Spanish students

This is an ongoing  list of common errors made by Spanish students who are studying English, across all levels.

  1.  I want learn English.                                      Missing infinitive.
  2. I go to work 10 o´clock.                                  Missing preposition. 
  3. He said me                                                     Wrong Word. 
  4. I make big money                                           Wrong Word. 
  5. I like very much dancing.                              Word order , Language 1 interference
  6. My son have 18 years.                                  Language 1 interference
  7. Much, many. Lose, loose, thing, think.          Over generalisation
  8. Me, my                                                           Over generalisation
  9. He is richer like me.                                       Over generalisation
  10. I like music because is very relaxing.           Over generalisation
  11.  Different than, as better like                          Incorrect rule
  12. Pronunciation  :- pay, parents, tunnel, first, Birmingham, walked, talked, turkey, plumber, lamb.

The list has evolved from my experience in teaching English to Spanish students in Llanes, Asturias. If you require group or individual classes in English, feel free to contact me at kreegah@yahoo.com or phone 634614802


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